Application Process

At the Vienna BioCenter we are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic applicants who want to develop competitive projects at the forefront of modern biology.

We recruit approximately 25-30 candidates in each call, and receive around 2000 applications each year. It is currently impossible for us (within a reasonable amount of time) to standardize the assessment of academic achievements of applicants coming from over 70 different nations.

We wish to continue welcoming applications from any country and maximize the procedural justice for all applicants. Thus, we have introduced an online questionnaire, to help pre-select applications in a transparent, fair and unbiased manner.

Please find below information regarding the application process, dates are subject to change.

Application Information

The online application form has three parts:

  • Part 1: you will be asked about your personal information and the information for 2-3 referees. After you submit this information you will receive a link by e-mail to edit the second part of the application.
  • Part 2: has questions regarding your education, research experience and research interests. Using the provided link, you can save and edit your data as many times as you wish until you click submit. Please note that you should download a pdf version of your application under "pdf summary" before you submit, as you will not have access to your application after submission.

The online applications will be reviewed by our faculty, and the best applicants will be short-listed. If there is something we need to clarify we may contact you via zoom. We usually invite approximately 100 applicants for the interviews.

  • Applications Commence - 1 March 2024
  • Closing Date - 15 April 2024 (2359 CET) 
  • Results Issued - Early May 2024
  • Online Interview Dates: 21 May  - 7 June 2024
  • In-person visits: Individually organized (June - July 2024)
  • PhD Start Date: Flexible, latest by 1 January 2025
  • Applications Commence - 1 September 2024
  • Closing Date - 15 October (2359 CET) 2024
  • Results Issued - Early November 2024
  • Online Interview Dates: 18 November - 6 December 2024
  • In-person visits: Individually organized (December 2024 - January 2025)
  • PhD Start Date: Flexible, latest by 1 June 2025

EU/EEA Citizens

Students from EU/EEA member states are exempt from tuition fees for the minimum duration of the degree program plus two additional semesters (8 semesters, in case of Doctoral Programmes). Thus, for the first 8 semesters you only have to pay the students' union fee (in the amount of 24.70€). After the eight semester, you have to pay the tuition fee (363.36€), plus the students' union.

The fees have to be be paid every semester, latest at the end of the extended admission period (31 March/31 October). Tuition and Students Union fees shall be paid in full during the admission period. If this does not take place, no admission to or deregistration from studies is carried out. 

The data required for payment of contributions are provided to students in their MedCampus account. 

Tuition charges may also be paid directly in the Studies and Examinations Department using a bank card (Maestro card).

Non-EU/EEA Citizens

Students who are citizens of a non-EU/EEA country pay a fee of 726.72€ plus the students' union fee per semester. Most students of the VBC PhD Program may apply for an "Equal status with EU/EEA citizens", since they have a researchers' visa. 

More information on tuition fees can be found here.

Full-time Employment Contract

Students will be hired by the research institute where their supervisor is based with a full-employment contract.

The salaries offered to our students are comparable to other PhD programs in Europe, between 34,200 euros to 37,950 (gross) per year (2023 figures) depending on the institute you join which is subject to tax.

Vienna is not an expensive city to live in. Students can live comfortably – many even save money – during their time at the VBC.

Other Benefits

  • Health/Pension/Accident/Unemployment Insurance
  • University of Vienna tuition fees are reimbursed
  • Visa Expenses.  The HR depts. of the respective institutes will assist you in getting your visa on time before starting your employment. The costs for residence permits for newcomers are normally refunded.
  • Language courses are run by the institutes (on an institute specific basis) for you to learn some German while you are in Vienna.  English is the working language of the programme but a little German helps you to settle into the city and find your way around!
  • Sports and social Activities, the programme and institutes organise numerous sports and social activities throughout the year.

(Please check with your respective institute as some benefits may be institute specific)