Student Symposium

Every year, students make a great effort to organize the "Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Symposium" which is supported by the institutes and through sponsorship. Leading scientists present their latest discoveries within the symposiums' selected range of topics.  Check the seperate symposium tab for further details.

Annual Retreat

Each year our students organize a retreat at a location outside Vienna. The aim of the retreat is to facilitate discussion about scientific topics related to different aspects of science. This is an opportunity for students to interact on a personal and professional level.

In order to create a friendly environment, the retreat takes place at a hotel or other venue outside of Vienna. It normally lasts two days, during which there are scientific sessions and social activities.

All Vienna BioCenter PhD students are actively encouraged by their supervisors to attend the retreat which has proved to be very popular over the last years.

Career Events

At the Vienna Biocenter we view your scientific training from an all-inclusive perspective, and aim for you to become a successful professional (your success is our success)! We encourage all young scientists to have a development plan (which includes short- and long-term goals, and describe how to get there) and to hold regular meetings with your supervisor.

In addition, each year we organize Career Days, which include workshops and a career symposium. We frequently host seminars and discussions with professionals that then embarked in different career paths. Needless to say on campus you will find numerous people who are following a (“so-called”) career in academia, meaning they are now group leaders or professors in research institutions all over the world.