20th Annual Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Symposium - 9/10 November

The Vienna Biocenter PhD Symposium, has become a hallmark of scientific exchange, collaboration and networking for the last 19 years, bringing together diverse audiences and excellent speakers from across Europe and beyond. 

For this special, 20th anniversary edition, “A Mixtape of Science”, we aim to build on this experience to foster a dynamic and cooperative atmosphere, combining the best minds, techniques, organisms, disciplines and approaches to research into an inspiring Mixtape of Science. 

Registration will open 12 June 2023 with a poster abstract submission deadline of 11 September 2023.

Organizing Committee

Every year a dedicated team of volunteers from the student body gets together to organize the symposium with the help of the Scientific Training team and other staff at the research institutes on campus.  This the committee consists of:

Marie-Christin Leitner (IMBA), Mehrta Shirzadian (IMP), Victoria Faas (IMP), Lillie Bell (IMP), Alexander Stockinger (Max Perutz Labs), Dhanlakshmi Shunmugam (Max Perutz Labs), Ava Frederike Kleinwaechter (Max Perutz Labs), Irene Schwartz (Max Perutz Labs), Bernd Bauer (Max Perutz Labs), Nadja Milivojev (Max Perutz Labs), Leonie Adelmann (Max Perutz Labs), Eleni Angelopoulou (Max Perutz Labs), Oi Pui Hoang (University of Vienna)