How to Apply

We encourage applications from students (BA Hons, Master, MSc) from all around the world who are undergraduates/master students, and have completed at least two years of university study in a Life Sciences related study (Molecular and cell biology, Chemistry etc.); a list of the areas at the Vienna BioCenter are available at the following link: 

Note: Applicants should check the groups offering positions before applying as this will also determine which research areas are covered in the call.

Please check the relevant criteria below and the link to the application form.

Application Information

You need to be studying a degree in a Life Science related subject (related to one of the groups offering a position in the call, check carefully before starting an application) and have one of the following:

Completed at least 2 years of a University study (e.g. 2-3 years of a Bachelor (Hons) study or 1 year of a Master study - by 30 June) as follows:

  • (i) In Year 3 of a 4-year BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) in a Life Science related subject
  • (ii) In Year 4 of a 4-year BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) in a Life Science related subject WITH an acceptance or intention to apply to a Master program (this will be checked later)
  • (iii) In Year 1 of a 2-year Master course, MSc in a Life Science related subject
  • (iv) In Year 2 of a US undergraduate Bachelor in a Life Science related subject
  • (v) In Year 2 of a 4-Year BTech (india) in a Life Science related subject
  • 3-months research experience
  • Good academic record
  • High level of English language
  • Evidence of enrolment in a University programme for the current academic year and the next year (if possible)
  • Important information for MD applicants.  MDs may only apply if they have completed 3-4years of their studies and have the relevant research experience, they must also intend to study a PhD in a Life Science related subject after completion of their current studies
  • The following studies will NOT be considered: Veterinary medicine, medical engineering, agriculture, pharmacy, zoology, food or nutrional science, and any other degrees that do not include lab training or are not related to molecular and cellular biology.

Interested students should complete the online application form. When applying applicants will be asked to specify the names of three lab heads in their order of preference. While we cannot guarantee that an applicant will be assigned to one of these labs, we will make our best efforts to do so. You will also be asked to detail your educational and research experience.


  • Call Opens 1 December closes 31 January (2359 CET)
  • Results are published 15 March
  • Summer School starts: 1 July (or last Friday in June)
  • Summer School ends: 31 August (or last Friday in August)

Dates are subject to change

Questions and Contact

We receive approx. 3000 applications per call for this world-renowned school.  Due to the number of enquiries we receive please check the Frequently Asked Questions and our bot before contacting the administrator.  However, if there is a query that cannot be resolved you may contact us here.

Summer School 2024 Main Program Application Link

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