Career Development Plan


As a Postdoc at the Vienna BioCenter, you are shaping your career as an independent scientist. The professional growth and skills acquired in developing your project(s) are essential building blocks that prepare your next step. 

For this reason, we encourage you to draft a Career Development Plan to guide and monitor your scientific and professional progress, and to discuss it yearly with your supervisor. 

The regular mentoring meetings with your supervisor are designed to ensure that your scientific progress on the project is aligned with your career goals. To prepare for productive mentoring meetings we suggest to identify: 

  • 3 strengths 

  • 3 opportunities for improvement 


To draft a career development plan and guide the discussion with the supervisor, we provide: 

       Recommended for an initial plan to draft in the first 3 months of the project. 

      Recommended for annual refinement of the plan. 


Further resources:  

Career Development 

Where to find support: 

Postdoc reps 

Scientific Training Unit 

Mental Health and Wellbeing resources 

HR department