Impressions of the School

Every year the Vienna Biocenter Summer School hosts students from over 20 different institutes representing at least 15 different countries. These are some of the impressions of the Summer School from the students that have taken part:

"Best summer ever, inspiring and exhilarating"

"The VBC summer school was a perfect opportunity to work, gain new experiences and meet wonderful people from all over the world, and all that while living in the gorgeous city of Vienna"

"Great opportunity to learn new things, see how things work in a leading European research institute, meet new people from all over the world - altogether amazing experience"

"The VBC summer school was such a great experience - a chance to learn new research techniques, a new research field, and make new friends from around the world"


The Vienna BioCenter Summer School celebrated the 10th year of existence with a symposium on 29/30 August 2019.  This gave alumni the opportunity to come together in Vienna and reconnect with people from their year and the 2019 summer fellows.  It was a pleasure to have the following speakers:

Leo Otsuki (2010) – IMP, Vienna

Takato Honda (2011) – MIT, USA

Máté Borsos (2012) – Caltech, USA

Yan Gong (2013) – Stanford University, USA

Juan Iglesias Artola (2014) - MPI Dresden, Germany

Evelyn Eastwood (2016) – Cancer Research UK, Cambridge

Tiago Alves (2017) - School of Pharm. Sciences, Sao Paola, Brazil

Annika Kuehn (2018) – University of Tuebingen, Germany

Mike Wong (2013) - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

We look forward to other alumni meetings in the future and also fellows in future classes.  Below are some pictures from the event.  To check out all our alumni please click here.