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At the Vienna Biocenter we welcome applications from students that are passionate about Science and want to develop their research skills

Students are the driving force for Science, as a research campus we see it as our mission to provide excellent research training to motivated and curious students.  Here you will be exposed to top quality and innovative science spanning a number of different fields, which is not only extremely stimulating but also an invaluable opportunity for a developing scientist.

To find out more about our research see the section on Research at VBC or visit the Institutes websites:

GMI - Gregor Mendel Institute for Molecular Plant Biology, Austrian Academy of Sciences offers an International Internship Program (I2P)

IMBA - Institute for Molecular Biotechnology, Austrian Academy of Sciences

IMP - Research Institute for Molecular Pathology

Max Perutz Labs - Joint venture between the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna

Vienna BioCenter Summer School - Offers approx. 30 student placements for 10-weeks in various labs at the VBC

The University of Vienna offers a range of Master degrees, see here