Elective Courses

Students are also able to further their education by attending other courses, conferences and scientific meetings throughout the duration of their PhD.

Other Meetings

Students will be awarded ECTS for participation (1 ECTS) and poster or oral presentation (2 ECTS) at international conferences and workshops.

Elective courses are organized at the VBC in collaboration with the Center of Doctoral Studies (CDS) of the University of Vienna. The courses will provide more depth to the Priming your PhD course, where needed. Examples: Scientific Writing (in collaboration with CDS) Visual Communication for Scientists Networking and Job Hunting etc. The courses will be announced by the training unit.

There are many courses organised centrally by the University of Vienna Centre for Doctoral Studies (CDS) which all of our students are welcome to register for. More information can be found at the following sites:

These courses vary depending on the requests/needs of the students. Examples are: Statistics- Introduction to R (in collaboration with Center for Doctoral Studies, University of Vienna) - BioOptics - Mass Spectrometry - Bioinformatics analysis tools for NGS data etc.