Research Project

Each fellow will be allocated a faculty member, with whom they will work closely. A diverse range of research projects are available in: Molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, bioinformatics, RNA biology, stem cells, and biochemistry. The research project will focus on a current topic in the allocated lab. Supported by a member of the laboratory the scholar will be expected to perform experiments, analyse data, generate ideas, and discuss their results. In addition to practical laboratory work the scholar will also take part in lab meetings and journal clubs.

Lecture Series

As part of the summer school there are weekly lectures by members of faculty on current trends within their fields of research.  These move around the participating institutes and stimulate lively discussions!

Scientific Symposium

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School concludes with a scientific symposium. In a short talk each scholar will present her/his findings to students and faculty. Prizes are awarded to the students that give the best presentations.

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