PhD - Post Doc Mentoring

Mentoring is essential for PhD students' personal and professional development.  In addition to typical mentorship from the PI and the thesis advising committee (TAC), VBC students have access to a pool of postdocs who offer advice, guidance, and insights from the perspective of someone who has been in their shoes not long ago.

The idea is simple:

Postdocs interested in mentoring submit a short bio and get added to an accessible pool on the website.

PhD students browse the website and reach out to a postdoc who fits their needs.

Meetings are arranged informally, frequency is decided by the mentoring pair. Whether you only meet for a one-off coffee, or it turns into a regular thing, it’s entirely up to you! Mentoring can be both scientific and non-scientific. A postdoc mentor can advise on career prospects, support the mentee with day-to-day struggles that accompany a PhD, share experiences as an expat in Austria, or simply give suggestions for the best pizza in Vienna :)

Events: Once a year the Scientific Training Unit organizes a meet-up for all interested participants of the program to mingle, exchange, strengthen old and form new bonds! Watch out for announcements!

The goal is that the mentor-mentee relationship builds confidence and resilience, as mentees gain access to constructive feedback and encouragement. Ultimately, mentoring contributes to the cultivation of a positive and empowered work environment, promoting the exchange of ideas within various spheres of campus-life.

Questions? If you are interested please register at the following site (for site password/further information contact Yan Sun).

Find your mentor here!