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At the Vienna BioCenter, our Industry Insights initiative aims to build bridges between academia and industry

The Vienna BioCenter is a hub for biological research, setting students and postdoctoral scientists on a path to academia and beyond. In addition to an established interest in academia on campus, there is also a strong desire to learn about the diverse and numerous career paths that lie outside of basic research.

We aim to meet this demand, and to build bridges within the scientific environment:

Connecting academia and companies through tailored events, including company presentations and dedicated networking sessions. In this way, we hope to provide a perfect setting for our VBC community to identify their optimal non-academic career paths and at the same time corroborate the reputation of the VBC as a leading biology research center in Europe.


The events involve a presentation or workshop led by company representatives, followed by a dedicated networking session.

The Team

The VBC Industry Insights team currently consists of six student members. The founders and main coordinators are Chris, Marie and Max. Sumire handles the team’s social media accounts, Andri manages the website and Jamie is responsible for accounting. All team members come from different VBC institutes, reflecting the cross-institutional character of the initiative.


Hi, I am Chris and the co-founder of the VBCII. I am currently pursuing my PhD in pediatric brain tumor modeling using human brain organoids. A fun fact about me is that I am a passionate kitesurfer always looking for the next stormy wind.


Hi, I'm Marie! I am one of the co-founders of VBCII. I studied Molecular Biology and Clinical Research in Vienna. My PhD focuses on early embryonic development of the lateral plate mesoderm using organoids. Fun fact: I am a plant nerd and have more than 100 exotic plants at home!


I’m Max - a PhD student working on chromatin in the lab of Daniel Gerlich. When I’m not at the microscope, I’ll either be cycling up and down the hills around Vienna, or on my way to choir practice.



Hi! I’m Sumi, I’m from Australia, and am currently doing my PhD in biochemistry/structural biology. I am investigating the uncharacterised protein MAST1, which is implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders. A fun fact about me is I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 1 minute.


Hi, I’m Andri! I studied Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol. Currently, I am a PhD student in the Obenauf lab and my main focus is understanding the mechanisms that drive metastasis in osteosarcoma. Fun fact: I grew up by the sea and I’m a very good swimmer.


Hi, I'm Jamie. I studied molecular biology at Sydney University, and now, I'm building new technologies to better understand brain development in the Knoblich lab. I'll step away from the bench at any chance if there's a good game of cricket on or to get around the latest crossfit workout of the day to keep my pipetting arm strong!


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