Career Development

At the Vienna BioCenter you can find support at any stage of your career, with workshops, a mentoring program, individual coaching, and a structured career development plan. 

Career development is a journey: start thinking about it now to make sure you are going in the right direction, instead of leaving it for the last moment after your PhD defense or when your Postdoc contract is running out!

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If you are reading this, you are most likely a scientist in training. The following resources are written with this in mind, and should help you to think about your career within academia or a career outside of it. The steps are similar for either! 

As a scientist, you are trained to collect data and take evidence-based decisions: that’s how you should approach your career development. Remember that it requires a lot of experimenting and reflection, but the positive side is that you keep learning and can always adjust the aim along the way!

This collection of resources doesn’t aim to be exhaustive: it provides a structured selection of relevant topics to offer initial guidance in the evolving process of building your career, to make the best out of your potential. 

We hope you find this useful! 

The Training Team