Post Doc Mentors

Below you will find the profiles of the Post Docs that have volunteered to mentor/give advice to their PhD colleagues.  If you would like to sign up please go to the following link

PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD, GReD, Université Clermont Auvergne

Scientific interests: Epigenomics, heterochromatin, transposable elements

Free-time activities: Climbing, mountains, stuff in nature


PhD/Previous postdoc position: Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Scientific interests: Bioinformatics, genomics

Free-time activities: Basketball, running


PhD/Previous postdoc position: Phd Cambridge UK, PD Karolinska Institute Sweden

Scientific interests: Reproduction, fertility

Free-time activities: Guitar, philosophy


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD - Paris, France

Scientific interests: Bioinformatics, computational biophysics, genome organisation, protein structural interactions

Free-time activities:


PhD/Previous postdoc position: Biomedical Center, Lund University, Sweden

Scientific interests: Bioengineering, hydrogels, decellularization, stem cell biology

Free-time activities: Yoga, skiing, reading, friends, hiking, mushroom foraging


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD - University of Oxford, UK

Scientific interests: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, Centrioles, Centrosomes

Free-time activities: Football, Zither (musical instrument)


PhD/Previous postdoc position: University of California, Berkeley, USA

Scientific interests: Transcriptional bursting, MPRAs, disease modeling in stem cells, genome editing, FISH

Free-time activities: Hiking, singing, basketball, reading, drawing, cooking, bouldering


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD in the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

Scientific interests: Cryo-EM, Ubiquitin-Proteasome System, Chromosome Segregation

Free-time activities: Beach Volleyball, Snowboarding, Squash, Sci-Fi/Fantasy books


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at Monash University (ARMI)

Scientific interests: Regeneration and developmental biology, live imaging, Clonal tracing

Free-time activities: Weight lifting, cycling, baking


Tuebingen, Germany

Scientific interests: Biochemistry, RNA biology

Free-time activities: Playing the bass, drawing, cooking


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD in Stein Aerts lab, KULeuven-VIB, Belgium

Scientific interests: Transcriptional regulation, Genomics and transcriptomics, bioinformatics

Free-time activities: Badminton, squash, beach volleyball, going for drinks


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD- Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Scientific interests: Protein biochemistry, mRNA splicing, CRISPR Cas9, Lentivirus, Human tissue culture

Free-time activities: Mom, Wife, Dancer, Volunteer


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at IISER Pune

Scientific interests: Development biology, epigenetics, next generation sequencing

Free-time activities: Cooking


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD, Max Perutz labs, Vienna

Scientific interests: Biochemistry and biophysics 

Free-time activities: Running, hiking, reading, cinema and gastronomy


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PD-Dominige Bergmann at Stanford University , PhD-Thomas Greb at Heidelberg University/COS

Scientific interests: Arabidopsis (developmental biology, specialist in phloem/vasculature and stomatal development), histology, confocal microscopy, scientific writing, stress management

Free-time activities: cooking/baking, various outdoor sports,some nerdy stuff - just ask :)


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD/University of Dundee (UK)

Scientific interests: Cell signalling, cell biology, stem cells, autophagy, microscopy, Crispr

Free-time activities: Piano, singing, yoga, running, hiking, cooking


PhD/Previous postdoc position: Postdoc, Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague

Scientific interests: Structural biology, enzymology

Free-time activities: Writing sci-fi literature, guitar, basketball, cooking


PhD/Previous postdoc position: Paul Guichard lab, Uni Geneva, Switzerland; Ondrej Stepanek lab, IMG in Prague, Czech Republic

Scientific interests: Cell biology with focus to microtubules, centrosome and cilia; electron microscopy, expansion microscopy, AFM, Brillouin spectroscopy

Free-time activities: sailing, biking, hiking, cross-country skying, oil painting, cooking, gardening


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at VIB Ghent, Belgium

Scientific interests: Genetic diversity, GWAS, quantitative genetics, plant biology

Free-time activities: raising kids, sports, reading, cooking, music


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at University of Greifswald, Baltic Sea

Scientific interests: Microbiology, Mass Spectrometry, Protein Biochemistry

Free-time activities: Sports


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at MFPL, Vienna

Scientific interests: Single molecule microscopy, liquid-liquid phase separation, fluorescent microscopy, biochemistry

Free-time activities: Cooking, dancing, reading, parenting


PhD/Previous postdoc position: IMP VIenna/Gurdon Institute University of Cambridge UK/ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific interests: Microscopy (Light, electron), Genetics, Genetics screens, Drosophila, Tissue Culture

Free-time activities: Basketball, Urban Gardening, Sustainability


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Scientific interests: Genetics, microbiology, RNA-seq

Free-time activities: Baking, arts & crafts, exploring Vienna :)


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific interests: Genomic Integrity, Chromosome Architecture, High-content Microscopy

Free-time activities: Social issues, Board Games, Sci-Fi, Basketball