Post Doc Mentors

Below you will find the profiles of the Post Docs that have volunteered to mentor/give advice to their PhD colleagues.  If you would like to sign up please go to the following link

PhD/Previous postdoc position: ?

Scientific interests: Structural Biology, evolution, bioinformatics, data science and AI

Free-time activities: Climbing, biking, movies, woodworking, cooking, (electronic) music

Email: daniel.braun(at)

PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

Scientific interests: Proteomics, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, single-cell proteomics

Free-time activities: Swimming, reading, board games, hanging out with friends


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Scientific interests: Genetic variation, plant adaptation, evolution, ecology

Free-time activities: Sweets, pilates, yoga, outdoor fun with my kids


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (University of Hyderabad, India)

Scientific interests: Cell Biology, Imaging techniques, Organelle shape and function, budding yeast, mammalian cells

Free-time activities: Reading (fiction mostly), attending my plants, cooking while listening to music


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Medical University of Vienna)

Scientific interests: Cancer metabolism, PP2A, transporters

Free-time activities: Basketball, board games, cinema, history, traveling


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Max Perutz labs / University of Freiburg)

Scientific interests: Proteomics, mass spectrometry, data analysis, bioinformatics, experimental design, programming

Free-time activities: Reading, cooking, hanging out with friends, going for walks and hiking


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia)

Scientific interests: Evolution, mathematical modeling, bioinformatics

Free-time activities: Hiking, tennis, guitar, opera


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Max Perutz Labs), PD (University of Oxford)

Scientific interests: Cell biology

Free-time activities: Kendo, Salsa and Bachata, watching football, eating pizza


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal), PD (University of Texas at Austin)

Scientific interests: Plant biology, plant development, light Signalling, plant-environment interactions

Free-time activities: Music, movies

Email: nikhil.job(at)

PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen)

Scientific interests: Brain development, neurodevelopmental disorders, microglia, autism, brain organoids, RNA sequencing, imaging

Free-time activities: Walking with my horses and/ or dogs, yoga

Email: laura.kracht(at)

PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (ETH Zürich)

Scientific interests: Targeted Protein Degradation, Biochemistry, Microbiology

Free-time activities: Parenting, reading fantasy and sci-fi, yoga


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Yale University), PD (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Scientific interests: Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, light-sheet fluorescence microscopy, computer vision, membrane biophysics

Free-time activities: Cycling, hiking, climbing, crafting


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (TU Dresden)

Scientific interests: Regeneration, developmental biology, cancer immunology

Free-time activities: Dancing, yoga


PhD/Previous postdoc position: MD (Charité - University Medical Center Berlin)

Scientific interests: Metastasis modelling, therapy resistance, synthetic lethality, tumour dormancy/ senescence

Free-time activities: Pop culture & music, travel, running


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (University of Manchester), PD (University of Bristol)

Scientific interests: Plant Evolution and Development

Free-time activities: Eating out, meeting friends, reading and zoo trips!


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Erasmus MC, the Netherlands)

Scientific interests: Developmental biology, stem cells, stem cell models

Free-time activities: Making music, yoga, running


PhD/Previous postdoc position: PhD (Heidelberg University), PD (Stanford University)

Scientific interests: Developmental biology and biochemistry (with plants Marchantia and Arabidopsis, but I did my Bachelor/Master with focus on the medical field). Specialist in phloem/vasculature, stomata and Marchantia sporeling development. I offer help with confocal microscopy, plant growth, grafting, protoplasting, proximity labelling (protein biochemistry in general), histology, tissue staining techniques, scientific writing, figure/poster design, career planning and stress management.

Free-time activities: Drawing, cooking/baking, Yoga, dancing, various outdoor sports, some nerdy stuff - just ask :)