Graduations 2022

Institute  Date Surname First Name Supervisor Thesis Title
IMP 15.02.2022 Serebreni Leonid Stark Identification and characterization of promoter-bound proteins
IMP 02.03.2022 Nordmann Gregory Keays From central reprensentation to sensory reception: Locating magnetically induced immediate early gene expression to investigate the neurobiology of the magnetic sense in the rock pigeon (Columba livia)
IMP 02.03.2022 Rauschmeier René Busslinger Regulation of fate decisions in B cells during the T cell‐dependent immune response
Max Perutz Labs 18.03.2022 Prusén Mota Ignacio Schlögelhofer SORORIN is an evolutionary conserved antagonist of WAPL
IMBA 23.03.2022 Staltner Moritz Ameres Massive parallel mRNA tethering by ORF-trap examines the post-transcriptional gene regulatory proteome in mouse embryonic stem cells
Max Perutz Labs 31.03.2022 Manakanatas Christina Foisner Mechanistic insight into endothelial cell dysfunction linked to CVD in progeria
Max Perutz Labs 22.04.2022 Appel Lisa-Marie Slade The SPOC domain in transcription regulation
IMP 22.04.2022 De Almeida Melanie Talata Zuber "Time-controlled CRISPR screens identify AKIRIN2 as
the nuclear proteasome import factor in vertebrates"        
Max Perutz Labs 22.04.2022 Ferreira Coelho Ines von Haeseler In‐Silico Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostics
IMBA 27.04.2022 Schneider Maximilian Wolfgang Georg Gerlich Chromatin material properties and their significance for chromosome movement and integrity during eukaryotic cell division
Max Perutz Labs 16.05.2022 Baumann Verena Martens Towards reconstitution of autophagy initiation and phagophore expansion
GMI 01.06.2022 Hüther Patrick Becker Plant Phenomics and Epigenomics at Population Scale
GMI 14.06.2022 Montgomery Sean Berger Chromatin dynamics in the land plant Marchantia polymorpha
IMP 15.06.2022 Stock Jessica Pauli Characterizing the role of Toddler signaling during zebrafish gastrulation
GMI 27.06.2022 Schmücker Anna Berger Dissection of the function and deposition of histone variant H2A.W in Arabidopsis thaliana
Max Perutz Labs 29.06.2022 Dao Pauline Tessmar letm1 as a potential bridge between mitochondrial ion homeostasis and diel rhythms in the zebrafish Danio rerio
Max Perutz Labs 06.07.2022 Koneswarakantha Dhaarsini Martinez Regulation of the mammalian tRNA ligase complex activity and localization by redox mechanisms
IMP 07.07.2022 Lin Tzi-Yang Tanaka Defining limitations to the regenerative ability of limb connective tissue cells in Xenopus laevis
IMBA 13.07.2022 Andreev Veselin Ivanov Brennecke Molecular mechanisms of co‐transcriptional gene silencing in the Drosophila piRNA pathway
Max Perutz Labs 19.07.2022 Boccuni Laura Decker Mechanism of crosstalk between stress and Interferon signaling
GMI 26.07.2022 Jamge Bhagyshree Berger Histone H2A variants organize the chromatin landscape in Arabidopsis thaliana
IMBA 06.09.2022 ElMaghraby Mostafa Brennecke A heterochromatin-specific RNA export pathway facilitates piRNA production in Drosophila melanogaster
IMP 07.09.2022 Götz Christoph Vaziri Investigations of possible quantum and vibrational effects on biological function
GMI 09.09.2022 Picchianti Lorenzo Dagdas UFMylation regulates C53-mediated autophagy at the endoplasmic reticulum
IMP 28.09.2022 Belacic Katarina Haselbach Unravelling rescue mechanisms of stalled proteasome complexes
Max Perutz Labs 29.09.2022 Romeike Merrit Johanna Buecker Establishment and Protection of Formative Pluripotency
Max Perutz Labs 18.10.2022 Levina Aleksandra Leonard Activation of the essential kinase PDK1 by phosphoinositide-driven autophosphorylation
IMP 25.10.2022 Dimitrova Mariya Peters Reconstitution of the human SMC5/6 complex
IMBA 30.11.2022 Baumgartner Lisa Christine Brennecke Genetic and molecular characterization of the chromatin binding specificity of the HP1 protein variant Rhino
Max Perutz Labs 06.12.2022 Ratajczyk Sonia Jolanta Fuchs A Ca2+-mediated rapid switch of epiplakin from a diffuse to keratin-bound state affects keratin dynamics
IMP 13.12.2022 Salazar Thula Oriana Zimmer Neuronal mechanisms implementing a hierarchy of rhythmic movements in C. elegans
IMBA 15.12.2022 Wu Szu-Hsien Koo Advancing the mouse genetic toolkits: conditional knockout and mosaic genetics in mice

Graduations 2021

Institute  Date Surname First Name Supervisor Thesis Title
IMP 13.01.2021 Charest Julien Cochella Establishment of neural left/right asymmetry by transcriptional priming in early embryonic lineages of Caenorhabditis elegans
IMP 19.01.2021 Dexheimer Philipp Julian Cochella MicroRNA requirements in C. elegans embryogenesis
IMP 26.01.2021 Aschauer Dominik Florian Rumpel Gene Targeting of Neurones in the Rodent Brain based on AAV
Max Perutz Labs 26.01.2021 Demiroz Bas Duygu Decker Effects of IFN-I signaling on metabolic reprogramming in Listeria monocytogenes infection
IMP 26.01.2021 Hill Louisa Busslinger Factors and regulatory elements controlling immunoglobulin locus contraction during V(D)J recombination
Max Perutz Labs 15.02.2021 Lackner Andreas Leeb Regulatory Mechanisms of the Naive to Formative Pluripotency Transition
GMI 18.02.2021 Parys Katarzyna Belkhadir Flagellin sensing by FLS2 constrains bacterial attempts to stay undetected while remaining motile
Max Perutz Labs 19.02.2021 Madritsch Silvia von Haeseler "Comparative transcriptomics of non-model
plant organisms"        
IMBA 04.03.2021 Miletic Sean Marlovits Structural investigation of protein secretion by the Salmonella type III secretion system injectisome
GMI 05.03.2021 Plotnikova Aleksandra Nodine Characterization of microRNA-mediated cleavage events in Arabidopsis embryos
IMP 09.03.2021 Gutierrez Perez Paula Cochella The deeply conserved miR-1/V-ATPase regulatory axis is essential for muscle physiology
GMI 25.03.2021 Kao Ping Nodine Transcriptional requirements and diversifications in early embryos of Arabidopsis thaliana
GMI 26.03.2021 Chia Khong-Sam Djamei Functional characterization of maize Topless corepressor binding effectors from Ustilago maydis
Max Perutz Labs 29.03.2021 Eislmayr Kevin Kovarik IL-1alpha and IL-1beta in resistance and resilience to bacterial infection
GMI 07.04.2021 Pandey Bikram Jonak Regulatory and functional insights of a novel chloroplast localized protein kinase in Arabidopsis thaliana
IMP 23.04.2021 Haas Lisa Obenauf "Acquired resistance to targeted inhibitors of the MAPK pathway confers cross‐resistance
to immunotherapy"        
IMP 27.04.2021 Umkehrer Christian Obenauf Investigating the clonal evolution of resistance to targeted therapy and its cross-resistance to immunotherapy
GMI 10.05.2021 Burns Robin Nordborg Genome evolution following major evolutionary transitions in the genus Arabidopsis
GMI 11.05.2021 Papareddy Ranjith Kumar Nodine "Small regulatory RNAs in reconfiguring nascent epigenome during Arabidopsis
Max Perutz Labs 14.05.2021 Azar Daniel Fadi Skern Interaction of the Vaccinia Virus Immunomodulator A46 with its Binding Partners MyD88 and MAL
GMI 19.05.2021 Capitao Claudio Riha Role of SMG7 in meiotic progression in Arabidopsis thaliana
IMBA 09.06.2021 Schnabl Jakob Brennecke Genetic and biochemical characterization of co- transcriptional silencing in the Drosophila piRNA pathway
GMI 22.06.2021 Paldi Katalin Nodine Origins and functions of embryonic small RNAs
IMP 01.07.2021 Peycheva Mihaela Pavri Molecular mechanisms of class switch recombination
Max Perutz Labs 15.07.2021 Hollenstein David Kraft Identifying the Molecular Function of Vac8 in Yeast Autophagy
Max Perutz Labs 28.07.2021 Borroni Martina Kovarik Regulation of tissue protection and immune responses in the lungs
GMI 13.09.2021 Stephani Madlen Dagdas Bridging the gap between selective autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum homeostastis
IMBA 20.09.2021 Petrovic Mina Gerlich Nucleo-cytoplasmic compartmentalization after an open mitosis
Max Perutz Labs 21.09.2021 Pusic Petra Bläsi Metabolic regulation fine-tunes virulence in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Max Perutz Labs 21.09.2021 Zekoll Theresa Tessmar Analysis of non-visual opsins in the medaka fish brain
IMBA 28.10.2021 Bosone Camilla Knoblich Local source of FGF8 orchestrates a cortical fronto-temporal axis in engineered human brain organoids (polaroids)
GMI 03.11.2021 Schon Michael Nodine Molecular and Computational Methods for Precision Developmental Transcriptomics
IMBA 03.11.2021 Wald Jiri Marlovits Allosteric Modulation of Macromolecular Machines by Small Molecules
IMBA 08.11.2021 Gomez Diaz Carlos Ikeda "Specific recognition of linear ubiquitin chains by HOIL‐1L regulates immune signaling
Max Perutz Labs 08.11.2021 Zurl Martin Raible Clock entrainment by sun- and moonlight in Platynereis dumerilii
IMBA 10.11.2021 Bsteh Daniel Bell Role of Canonical Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 (cPRC1) in Gene Silencing
IMBA 22.11.2021 Papai Nora Mendjan Derivation and interaction of human epicardium with self-organizing cardioids
IMP 22.11.2021 Vogel Antonia Veronika Clausen UNC-45, A hub of myosin proteostasis
IMBA 25.11.2021 Ctortecka Claudia Mendjan Mass spectrometry based single‐cell proteomics
Max Perutz Labs 29.11.2021 Garbrecht Joachim Dammermann An Acentriolar Centrosome At The Ciliary Base In C. elegans
Max Perutz Labs 14.12.2021 Pokorny Daniel Leonard Elucidating the molecular basis of Sgk3 activation by the lipid second messenger phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate
IMP 20.12.2021 Uzel Kerem Zimmer "Hub architecture and high‐order connectivity features support global brain
dynamics in the C. elegans neuronal network"        

Graduations 2020

Institute Date Graduate Group Title
IMP 10-Sep-20 Ines Leca Keays Microtubules and associated proteins during neurodevelopment: insights from disease mouse models
GMI 02-Oct-20 Fernando Navarette Djamei Functional characterization of Ustilago maydis effector proteins that suppress plant immunity
IMBA 14-Oct-20 Georg Michlits Elling Development and optimization of CRISPR-Cas9 screening technology
IMP 29-Oct-20 Christoph Neumayr Stark Differential cofactor dependencies define functionally distinct types of human enhancers
IMBA 20-Nov-20 Michael Mitter Gerlich The conformation of replicated human chromosomes
IMBA 20-Nov-20 David Hoffman Penninger On cancer and COVID – distinct approaches to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities of two global health threats
IMP 27-Nov-20 Luis Enrique Cabrera Quio Pauli Investigating mechanisms of RNA degradation during the oocyte-to-embryo transition
IMP 27-Nov-20 Maciej Zaczek Peters Dissecting the boundary function of CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF)
IMBA 01-Dec-20 Dominik Lindenhofer Knoblich CRISPR-LICHT screening in cerebral organoids reveals a regulator of ER secretion as a brain size determinant
Max Perutz Labs 16-Dec-20 Adriana Savova Martens Insights into the mechanisms of action of the cargo receptor NBR1 during selective autophagy
IMP 17-Dec-20 Simon Nimpf Keays Investigating the neuronal basis of magnetoreception in the pigeon
IMBA 18-Dec-20 Pablo-Andres Hofbauer Mendjan Cardioids reveal self-organizing principles of human myocardial and endocardial development