Graduations 2021

Institute Date Graduate Group Title
IMP 13-Jan-21 Julien Charest Cochella Group Establishment of neuronal left/right asymmetry during early embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
IMP 19-Jan-21 Philipp Dexheimer Cochella Group MicroRNA requirements in C. elegans embryogenesis
IMP 26-Jan-21 Louisa Hill Busslinger Group Role of Pax5 in Igh locus contraction and VH gene recombination
Max Perutz Labs 19-Feb-21 Silvia Madritsch von Haeseler Group Comparative transcriptomics of non?model plant organisms
GMI 18-Feb-21 Katarzyna Parys Belkhadir Group Flagellin sensing by FLS2 constrains bacterial attempts to stay undetected while remaining motile
Max Perutz Labs 15-Feb-21 Andi Lackner Leeb Group Regulatory Mechanisms of the Naive to Formative Pluripotency Transition
IMBA 04-Mar-21 Sean Miletic Marlovits Group Structural investigation of protein secretion by the Salmonella type III secretion system injectisome
GMI 05-Mar-21 Aleksandra Plotnikova Nodine Group Characterization of microRNA-mediated cleavage events in Arabidopsis embryos
IMP 09-Mar-21 Paula Gutierrez Perez Cochella Group The deeply conserved miR-1/V-ATPase regulatory axis is essential for muscle physiology
GMI 19-Mar-21 Mayela Soto Jimenez Nordborg Group Population dynamics of transposable elements in Arabidopsis thaliana
GMI 26-Mar-21 Khong-Sam Chia Djamei Group Functional characterization of maize Topless corepressor binding effectors from Ustilago maydis
GMI 29-Mar-21 Ping Kao Nodine Group Requirements and Diversification of Gene Expression Programs in Early Plant Embryos
Max Perutz Labs 29-Mar-21 Kevin Eislmayr Kovarik Group IL?1a and IL?1b in resistance and resilience to bacterial infection
GMI 07-Apr-21 Bikram Pandey Jonak Group Regulatory and functional insights of a novel chloroplast localized protein kinase in Arabidopsis thaliana
IMP 23-Apr-21 Lisa Haas Obenauf Group Acquired resistance to targeted inhibitors of the MAPK pathway confers cross?resistance to immunotherapy
IMP 27-Apr-21 Christian Umkehrer Obenauf Group Investigating the clonal evolution of resistance to targeted therapy and its cross-resistance to immunotherapy
GMI 10-May-21 Robin Burns Nordborg Group Genome evolution following major evolutionary transitions in the genus Arabidopsis
GMI 11-May-21 Ranjith Papanreddy Nodine Group Small RNA mediated re-establishment of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns during Arabidopsis embryogenesis
GMI 19-May-21 Claudio Capitao Riha Group Role of SMG7 in meiotic progression in Arabidopsis thaliana
IMBA 09-Jun-21 Jakob Schnabl Brennecke Group Genetic and biochemical characterization of co-transcriptional silencing in the Drosophila piRNA pathway

Graduations 2020

Institute Date Graduate Group Title
IMP 10-Sep-20 Ines Leca Keays Microtubules and associated proteins during neurodevelopment: insights from disease mouse models
GMI 02-Oct-20 Fernando Navarette Djamei Functional characterization of Ustilago maydis effector proteins that suppress plant immunity
IMBA 14-Oct-20 Georg Michlits Elling Development and optimization of CRISPR-Cas9 screening technology
IMP 29-Oct-20 Christoph Neumayr Stark Differential cofactor dependencies define functionally distinct types of human enhancers
IMBA 20-Nov-20 Michael Mitter Gerlich The conformation of replicated human chromosomes
IMBA 20-Nov-20 David Hoffman Penninger On cancer and COVID – distinct approaches to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities of two global health threats
IMP 27-Nov-20 Luis Enrique Cabrera Quio Pauli Investigating mechanisms of RNA degradation during the oocyte-to-embryo transition
IMP 27-Nov-20 Maciej Zaczek Peters Dissecting the boundary function of CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF)
IMBA 01-Dec-20 Dominik Lindenhofer Knoblich CRISPR-LICHT screening in cerebral organoids reveals a regulator of ER secretion as a brain size determinant
Max Perutz Labs 16-Dec-20 Adriana Savova Martens Insights into the mechanisms of action of the cargo receptor NBR1 during selective autophagy
IMP 17-Dec-20 Simon Nimpf Keays Investigating the neuronal basis of magnetoreception in the pigeon
IMBA 18-Dec-20 Pablo-Andres Hofbauer Mendjan Cardioids reveal self-organizing principles of human myocardial and endocardial development