21st Vienna Biocenter PhD Symposium - 7/8 November 2024

Into the Unknown: Exploring Uncharted Territories in Research

After 20 exciting years of PhD symposia, the Vienna BioCenter looks forward to welcoming you at the 21st edition on 7/8 November 2024!

This year’s VBC PhD Symposium theme, ‘Into the Unknown’, aims to highlight the exploratory science that interrogates the unknown and allows us to understand the mechanisms that govern life. We will be featuring science and scientists with visionary techniques and groundbreaking discoveries in a range of research areas: from structural biology and genetics to organismal biology and disease mechanisms, reflecting the interdisciplinary interests of our campus. 

With this, we hope to promote exciting discussions about embarking on journeys with unknown destinations, the challenges that come with it, and the tools we need to succeed. In line with VBC character, we expect conversations to expand on both scientific and societal levels. 


Gene Regulation - Cell & Developmental Biology - Cancer & Immunology - Structural Biology - Methods Development


Registration will open on 7 June 2024 with a poster abstract submission deadline of 2 September 2024.

Organizing Committee

Every year a dedicated team of volunteers from the student body gets together to organize the symposium with the help of the Scientific Training team and other staff at the research institutes on campus.  This year the committee consists of:

Lalitha Veleti (IMP), Patricia Bianca Rothe (IMP), Joseph Neos Cruz (IMBA), Antonio Docavo Garcia (IMBA), María Garcia Gallardo (Max Perutz Labs), Eleftheria Giagnisi (University of Vienna), George Kobakhidze (Max Perutz Labs), Andri Konstantinou (IMP), Marlene Müller (IMBA), Mattia Pitasi (Max Perutz Labs), Johannes Rötzer (GMI), Kim Ivan Abesamis (Max Perutz Labs), Sanskriti Sharma (Max Perutz Labs).