18th Annual Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Symposium "Building Bridges" - 4/5 November

In the 18th Vienna BioCenter PhD Program symposium “Building Bridges” we want to put the diversity of life science in the spotlight and highlight the importance of interdisciplinarity in scientific research for our current understanding of fundamental biological questions.

We aim to portray visionary techniques from molecules, over single cells to entire organisms, widening the tangible research horizon by combining knowledge across fields. Groundbreaking discoveries in the decades to come will be fueled by the invention and development of methods visualizing processes in unseen detail or scale. Our symposium provides a stage for both presentation and discussion of the development, applications and implications of recent methodological advances that can be harnessed by the scientific community on campus and beyond to push the visible boundaries of science.

Topics include:

  • Biochemistry & Structural & Chromosome Biology
  • Immunology & Cancer & Gene Expression
  • Developmental Biology & Neuoroscience
  • Ethics & Industry


Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Students: Sarah Grünbacher, Lorena Hofbauer, David Mario Hoi, Ameya Rakesh Khandekar, Katherina Tavernini, Esther Uijttewaal, Vivien Vogt,  Sakurako Wong 

Supported by the Scientific Training Unit Team