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How do birds sense the magnetic field?

VBC PhD Student Simon Nimpf, from the Keays Lab at the IMP published a paper with novel insights on the mechanism of magnetosensation. Check-out what they found in this cool Science Sketch by Simon, and drawings by Gregory Charles Nordmann (also a VBC PhD Student in the Keays Lab).

How birds sense the earth's magnetic field has been a long-standing question, and is one of the aims of the Opens external link in new windowKeays Lab at the IMP. A VBC PhD Student in the lab, Simon Nimpf, is addressing this question by investigating a curious organelle - the cuticulosome. See Simon's Science Sketch to find out more about this organelle and their latest  discoveries.


Original Publication:

Nimpf S, EP Malkemper, M Lauwers, L Ushakova, G Nordmann, A Wenninger-Weinzierl, TR Burkard, S Jacob, T Heuser, GP Resch and DA Keays (2017) Subcellular analysis of pigeon hair cells implicates vesicular trafficking in cuticulosome formation and maintenance. Opens external link in new windowElife