VBC Child Care Center

At the Vienna BioCenter we promote the comptibility of career and family and are fortunate to have our own Child Care Center, this offers professional, reliable, and flexible child care for all Vienna BioCenter employees.

The highly motivated team of qualified pedagogues works every day to create a loving and caring atmosphere for children from 3 months to 6 years of age. Our daycare is a positive and stimulating environment that provides everything a child’s heart desires.

Further information on the center is available here

Nursing Room

To support colleagues that are nursing young children we have a nursing room and family room, both are located in the IMP building (IMP room 1-012 and IMP seminar room 1-018).

Family Room

The family room allows parents to attend meetings or have a private area to work while their children play. The rooms are near the lecture hall and will also be available to conference and symposium attendees.