Invited Speakers 2018

Here is the list of the speakers that have accepted our invitation to speak at this year's symposium, with a link to their research page. We will update this page periodically when the invitees confirm their attendance.

1.1 Transforming science in the lab: Technologies

Hendrik Dietz, TUM Munich, Germany
Vivian Li, Crick Institute, London, UK
Daniel Heller, MSK, NY, USA

1.2 Transforming science in the lab: Big data

Lawrence Hunter, School of Medicine at University of Colorado, Denver, USA
Casey Greene, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Burkhard Rost, TUM, Munich, Germany    

2. Transforming science through communication

Sofie Vanthournout, Sense about science, EU
Anne Nielsen, EMBO Journal, Heidelberg, Germany
Katharina Rieck, FWF, Vienna, Austria

3.1 Transforming science for society: environment

Marcus Eriksen, The 5 Gyres Institute, LA, California
Neil C. Bruce, University of York, York, UK

3.2 Transforming science for society: medicine/cancer

Angela J. Russell, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Collet Dandara, University of Cape Town, South Africa