VBC Student Symposium

Every year, students make a great effort to organize the "VBC PhD Programme Symposium" which is supported by the institutes and through sponsorship. Leading scientists present their latest discoveries within the symposiums' selected range of topics.

15th Annual VBC PhD Programme Symposium

Continuum - 9/10 November 2017

Science has rapidly advanced through the past years, opening up avenues that seemed unimaginable before. We have seen the first gene edited plants hit the shops and successful treatments of life threatening diseases. These advances provide a stepping stone to better diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases through personalized medicine. This progress however, is not restricted to the future of humankind, but also stretches back to the very beginning of life. Unraveling these early events that led to the immense complexity of multicellular organisms not only tells us something about our past, but opens up new avenues and tools to push the frontiers of the possible further. With the knowledge about the beginning of life and the colonization of earth by living organisms, future explorations of distant planets and their acquisition as human habitat may become feasible.

“Continuum” aims to outline cutting edge life science technologies and future prospects as wells as combining these with exploring the beginning of life and the course of evolution. Together, we want to allow our attendees to glimpse into the future, equipped with the knowledge of our past.