Stem cells, development and regeneration

Higher organisms develop through a series of highly regulated cell fate decision that establish all the tissues and cell types of the adult form. In most adult organisms, only stem cells retain the ability to differentiate into more specialized cell types. All other cells can only do so under extraordinary circumstances, such as regeneration. How the cells are guided through these transitions and how complicated tissue formation can be modelled using simplified in vitro systems are the main topic of this PhD track.



3D organoid workshop

This course will teach the partcipants the basics of generating and culturing 3D organoids from different model organisms and tissues.


Model systems and concepts in stem cell biology and regeneration

Major concepts of developmental and stem cell biology will be taught by different researchers to give an overview about the current advances in stem cell biology.

Journal Club:

Stem Cell Biology: Evolutionary, developmental and pathological dimensions

Journal Club organized by Florian Raible and Sasha Mendjan to discuss papers at the crossroads of evolution and stem cell biology

Stem Cell Club

Monthly meeting of stem cell biologists to discuss current topics in stem cell biology, organized by Christa Buecker, Ulrich Elling and Sasha Mendjan. The major goal of this get together is to bring researchers from all different fields within stem cell biology together to identify the new trends and common threads.

BioRxiv VBC community reviews

This JC aims to discuss and critical review a recent preprint within stem cell biology. This offers an invaluable introduction and training for PhD students to peer review.

Conferences, that PhD students are strongly encouraged to participate:

  • DevStem (Yearly meeting of Vienna based stem and developmental biologists, prime opportunity for PhD students to share their research, organized by Junior PIs in a rotating scheme)
  • SY-STEM (yearly international meeting for stem cell research organized hosted by IMBA)

Organizer: Christa Bücker

Co-organizers: Martin Leeb and Florian Raible