Nomination of Reviewers

You will need to submit two forms (SL/D3 and SL/D4 - available here) about 5 months before you plan to have your final defense. You will need to suggest three (3) reviewers on the assignment form (these cannot be supervisors, collaborators, co-authors, direct competitors, or members of your thesis committee). At least one of the reviewers MUST be external and all reviewers must be in a tenured position/habilitated professor (if you would like to include someone from a research institute that is not "habilitated" please contact Ines or Chris for further information).

The Head of Doctoral Studies will choose 2 of these nominees as reviewers. This decision is not influenced by the order in which the names appear on your form! You will be informed by e-mail who was appointed as the reviewer. Please inform them and send them a pdf version of your thesis in order to speed up the reviewing process. The reviewers have a maximum of 4 months after the written submission of the thesis to review the thesis and write their report.

Please note that the reviewers will not be officially informed about their appointment before you have uploaded your thesis. Therefore, we suggest you contact them as soon as you find out who your reviewers will be. It is up to you to inform the person(s) that has not been officially appointed as a reviewer.

Also, bear in mind that reviewer and examiner are 2 completely different assignments!

IMPORTANT: all emails from the SSC (Student Service Center) will be sent to your univis account. Therefore, do not forget to activate the account if you have never used it before.