Approval of Thesis Proposal

During the first year you need to get the University's approval of your PhD Project. For this you need to submit a thesis proposal (also known as "exposé") and some forms (see below).

The proposal and forms should be submitted at least 2 weeks before your first Thesis Advisory Committee meeting, as this will be the time f your Public Presentation.

  • DZ/V01 Doctoral Thesis Agreement
  • SL/D11 Registration of the topic of the doctoral thesis
  • SL/D12 Registration of the topic supp. Sheet
  • SL/W1 Regulations relating to good scientific practice
  • Thesis Proposal/Expose front page (with signatures)
  • Thesis Proposal ("Expose")

Submit a copy of all forms (pdf) to Chris Robinson and/or Ines Crisostomo. The originals are to be handed-in to Gerlinde Aschauer (Uni. Vienna, MFPL Building)

All forms and a template for the thesis proposal are available here.

Please remember that the Scientific Training Team is there to help you with any questions or worries that you may have!