19th Annual Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Symposium - 3/4 November - Pushing Boundaries

Each year the PhD students organise a symposium over 2-3 days. The Vienna Biocenter PhD Symposium 2022 ‘Pushing Boundaries’ aims to portray visionary techniques and groundbreaking discoveries that broaden our scientific horizon and enable future research to visualize molecules in unseen detail, collect Omics-data in yet higher throughput, and understand organisms on an entirely new level.

In line with this year’s theme, we will explore both scientific and societal boundaries with emphasis on diversity and equality in science. Our symposium provides a stage for both presentation and discussion of the development, applications and implications of recent methodological advances that can be harnessed by the scientific community on campus and beyond to push the boundaries of science.

Further details will be published in May 2022


Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Students: Rodolphe Dombey, Viktoria Holzmann, Sabrina Horn, Sophie Koller, Joonsun Lee, Christian Lehmann, Farja Ayala Munoz, Theresa Pinter, Bettina Sajtos, Isaree Teriyapirom, Marieke Trasser.

Supported by the Scientific Training Unit Team

This symposium is organized by the students of the Vienna BioCenter PhD program and sponsored by: