Trainers and Support

Who will lead this?

Support will be given to the participants throughout the year by a program team as well as external trainers and coaches. The program will be evaluated at each step and continuously adapted to suit emerging needs.

Program team:

Lead: Eva Schmid, PhD (Head of scientific training)

Supported by members of the communication departments and administrative support from participating institutes.

External facilitators and coaches:


hfp consulting - shaping the culture of science by training scientists to be effective, inclusive, and authentic leaders

hfp consulting provides professional development training and coaching exclusively for the scientific community. Our mission is to help researchers grow and succeed by working with them to develop leadership and management skills, by fostering personal development, as well as by strengthening interpersonal competencies and communication skills. Most of our highly skilled and experienced facilitators have a science background and some are still active as postdoc, group leader or professor. The style of our courses is process-oriented and interactive. Brief theoretical inputs are followed by exercises, partner work, role-plays, case studies and group-work. We have developed and established professional development workshops for scientists at leading organizations in Europe, the Middle East, USA, Africa and Japan. If you are curious to know more about hfp consulting and our working philosophy, please refer to our value proposition by clicking here. Meet our international team here and  just get in touch for any questions and more information:

Sustainable Program Design and Implementation support

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