Our Concept

What are we offering - the base concept and why is this the way to go

This program consists of three parts spread over the course of one year, which we designed like base camps on a mountain expedition. All participants start at Base 1 to engage with the topic; they can then choose to proceed to Base 2 and 3, depending on their appetite for the leadership topic.

Base 1 (Starting the leadership journey) is planned as a facilitated 1 ½ day retreat at the beginning of each year, during which the participants will reflect on themselves as leaders and how they contribute to the VBC leadership culture. They will learn tools to implement in the immediate future and form a cohort with fellow leaders.

Base 2 (Skilling up) consists of a set of modules which participants can choose from over the following months to deepen their own leadership skills, implement the skills learned with their teams, and practice mentorship with their fellow program participants.

Base 3 (Leading into the future) is a final 1 ½ day retreat, which aims to solidify experiences from this year, strengthen the relationships formed between leaders, dive into advanced leadership, and prepare to carry the skills learned forward into the community.