Out of the Box Award

The Vienna BioCenter PhD Program is committed to foster and support creative and interdisciplinary thinking in science.

As an incentive to address complex problems using creative, non-standard approaches, we award a yearly stipend for designing the best curiosity-driven, high-risk experiment. One or more students can participate in the design and implementation of the experiment, which may (but does not necessarily have to be) within the immediate scope of their own projects, and which can be performed in any laboratory of their choice.

A written proposal should contain the rationale and background of the experiment and a brief description of the techniques involved as well as of the results expected and their significance. We accept both individual applications and group applications, and the experiment may but does not have to be related to your project. The applications will be assessed by the steering committee of the School. For more information, don't hesitate to contact the head of the scientific training unit.

The award is presented to the student(s) at the annual PhD symposium.