Mattias Lauwers Award

The Lauwers family created the Mattias Lauwers award. This award is given on an annual basis to the PhD student who gives the best Monday seminar. The criteria for this award will reflect Mattias. He took great pride in his Monday seminars, always aiming to be the best. His talks were informative, interesting, accessible and he prepared for every conceivable question.

We invite the PhD students to nominate who they think was the best speaker, and based on the student-nominations the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program Steering Committee will make the final decision.

The Lauwers family will present the award at the student symposium.


  1. For 2021/22 all Monday Seminar presentations by PhD Students, from 1.10.2021 to 30.09.2022 are eligible
  2. From 1 to 15 October the Vienna BioCenter PhD Students can nominate the best speakers using the instructions provided by email.
  3. Each student can nominate THREE student presenters, and no self-nominations are allowed.
  4. The nominations should be based on the following criteria:
  • Scientific Content: Structure and general understanding, scientific rigour, use of scientific language and ability to answer questions
  • Presentation skills: structure of presentation, use of audio-visual tools, clarity, engagement with the audience, passion for subject matter, timing.