Career resources on campus and beyond

At the Vienna BioCenter you can find support at any stage of your career: you just need to know where to look and leverage your network of peers and other researchers to make the best of your career transition. 

In this page you can find an ever-evolving list of seminars, workshops, trainings, and initiatives that provide information and opportunities of exchange with a wide range of professionals in many fields. 

If you think that we are missing some important career development resource on campus, share your ideas with the Scientific Training Unit! 

Finding your career path

Personal career coaching sessions  

If you need personalized support in your career transition, to figure out your values, strengths and interests, contact Florian Groessl, scientist and coach, at florian.groessl(at)

To strengthen your personal brand and develop useful skills for your career, the Vienna BioCenter offers several courses and workshops: 


Regular / yearly training activities: 


Additional training activities on demand: 

To identify the career paths that suits you, the Vienna BioCenter offers the opportunity to connect and ask questions to professionals in different roles and career stages.  


Panel chats series:  

  • How to find a Postdoc position  

  • How to secure a PI position  

  • Industry tracks  

This series offers an informal platform for PhD students and Postdocs to get first-hand information on different career option and to ask questions to professionals who transitioned in different roles.  

If you are interested in a specific career path, let us know and we will organize a chat on that topic with professionals in the relevant position.   

Keep an eye on your email for the announcement of the next dates!  


Postdoc mentoring scheme 

This initiative set up by the Postdoc and PhD reps aims to connect the Postdocs – as mentors – with the PhD students – as mentees – outside of their lab group.  

If you are a postdoc, you can submit a short bio to add to the list of volunteer Postdoc mentors. If you are a PhD student, you can choose from this list the appropriate mentor for you – based on their lab experience, life experience, or any aspect you find important for your mentorship. 


To take part in the mentoring program or if you want more information check out this page:

The Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Molekulare Biowissenschaften und Biotechnologie - ÖGMBT) and the Young Life Scientists Austria (YLSA ) – the bottom-up initiative of ÖGMBT, from and for young scientists – offer to their members opportunities for networking at events and workshops and access to their Job Board.


The job search process 

Throughout the year several career days take place at the Vienna BioCenter, organized by the PhD students in occasion of the PhD Program Symposium, by the Postdocs, and by the Max Perutz Labs. 

Every year different speakers and guest from various fields and roles – both in academia and non-academic position – engage in talks and workshops with the PhD students and Postdocs to present the variety of career paths after PhD.  

Check the calendar for upcoming career events! 

We engage Sarah Blackford, academic career consultant with over 25 years of experience in career development for life scientists to give webinars and seminars on career development as follows:

  • Career planning and making effective career choices  

  • The job market and how to research and locate careers of interest  

  • Writing an effective CV and covering letter  

  • Self-presentation and interview technique  

  • Reflection and Action planning  

  • Academic mobility

These webinars/seminars and other career related topics take place every year, keep an eye on your email for the announcement of the next dates. 

A comprehensive tool to guide you through the quest for your ideal career is the Individual Career Plan (IDP) developed by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) specifically for PhD students and postdocs in the sciences: 

You can use myIDP individually and at your own pace to perform self-assessments, identify potential career paths, and design your personalized career plan.  

If you prefer to receive input and support from your peers through exchange of ideas and experiences, the Scientific Training Team organizes a yearly myIDP Workshop that aims at designing a personalized career plan while sharing the process with your peers and creating an accountability group for support and motivation through the career transition. 

This workshop consists of 4 sessions of 2 hours per week, followed by two follow up sessions once a month.  

Keep an eye on your email for the exact dates!