We are extremely proud of our PhD students' achievements and organize three special awards to acknowledge exceptional students. Besides these internally organised awards, our PhD students potential and achievements are frequently recognised by external institutions, in the form of fellowships, awards and prizes.

Vienna BioCenter (VBC) PhD Award

Each academic year the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) PhD Awards are given to postgraduate students in acknowledgement of their outstanding PhD theses. The award was inspired by Renée Schroeder (formerly of the Max Perutz Labs, University of Vienna) and is supported by the research institutes involved in postgraduate education at the Vienna BioCenter.

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Mattias Lauwers Award

The Lauwers family created the Mattias Lauwers award. This award is given on an annual basis to the PhD student who gives the best Monday seminar. The criteria for this award will reflect Mattias. He took great pride in his Monday seminars, always aiming to be the best. His talks were informative, interesting, accessible and he prepared for every conceivable question.

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Out of the Box Award

As an incentive to address complex problems using creative, non-standard approaches, we grant an ”Out of the box” award once per year, for the best curiosity-driven, high-risk experiment.

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